7.2A qualitative set of indicators for science and innovation

By Kristien Vercoutere, Annelies Wastyn and Danielle Raspoet (Flemish Advisory Council for Innovation & Enterprise, VARIO[1]).

Being the advisory board for innovation and enterprise, VARIO wants to contribute to the Flemish ambition to become one of the top innovative knowledge regions. In its memorandum 2019-2024 'Flight forward. Destination top 5 knowledge regions' (December 2018), the key message was therefore the importance of an overarching long-term strategy for innovation, with clear objectives and smart KPIs (key performance indicators) as powerful tools.

The Flemish Government Agreement 2019-2024 follows VARIO's recommendation. This ambition will be the central touchstone of our innovation policy. The Flemish Government recognizes the need for a set of strategic policy indicators to monitor the realization of these ambitions and based on which it can steer, shape, and evaluate the policy with respect to science and innovation. This resulted in a coordinated request for advice from Minister-President of the Flemish Government Jan Jambon and the Flemish Minister of Economy, Innovation, Work, Social Economy and Agriculture Hilde Crevits in which they ask for the formulation of ‘transparent strategic policy indicators that are periodically available, also at the level of Flanders'.

[1] The Flemish Advisory Council for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Vlaamse Adviesraad voor Innoveren en Ondernemen, corresponding with VARIO) advises the Flemish Government and the Flemish Parliament on its science, technology, innovation, industry and entrepreneurship policy. VARIO works independently from the Flemish Government and the Flemish stakeholders in the field of science, innovation, industry and enterprise. https://www.vario.be/en