7.2.4VARIO recommendations

For the correct use and interpretation of the selected indicators, VARIO also presents the following  recommendations:

  1. Use this indicator set as a monitoring tool;
  2. Take into account limitations of indicators;
  3. Put transparency and independence ahead;
  4. Supplement this indicator set with impact analyses;
  5. Develop monitoring tools further;
  6. This indicator set is not absolute;
  7. This indicator set should be embedded in a larger system

Between the start of this advisory process (January 2020) and the moment it was completed (July 2020), the world has changed a lot. The Coronavirus has a broad worldwide impact, primarily health-wise, but also economically, culturally and socially. An impact that will be felt for a long time. However, the crisis has no impact on the relevance and validity of the present set of indicators themselves. The indicators are sufficiently robust and are linked to objectives that will continue to be important in the future - post-corona - or could become even more important.